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Affiliate Program

Join our perfume affiliate program and earn commissions.

What happens to my gift card balance if I don't use the full amount?

The leftover balance will hang out on your gift card for your next shopping spree. Just remember that the gift card expires 2 years after the purchase date.

How do I access my affiliate dashboard?

You can zoom straight to your affiliate dashboard right here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/. If you haven't joined the gig yet, you're welcome to sign up here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/register

What should I do if I can’t log into my affiliate account?

If you're having trouble remembering your password, you can reset it here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/password/reset No joy? Let's have a chat! Hit the "Let's Chat" bubble at the bottom left for some Live Chat assistance, or send us

How do I update my payment details, and when is the cut-off for payment?

You can tweak or update your payment details in your affiliate account here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/setting/payment As for payment cut-offs, it's usually the final business day of the month.

Where can I get a VAT invoice for my payout?

You can rifle through all your invoices right here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/payment If you need a VAT invoice, let's have a chat. Tap our Live Chat bubble at the bottom left or email us at [email protected].

Are there any discounts or incentives I can offer to my referrals?

Our basic affiliate tiers 1-2 don't offer referral discounts and focus on commission. If you want to offer discounts to your referrals or have a masterplan for a marketing strategy, drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss a custom setup. Good

What is your affiliate program and how does it work?

Our affiliate program gives you a way to earn some extra cash by spreading the word about our fragrances. Sharing is caring (and profitable) with a special link that remembers referrals for up to 30 days.

How can I sign up to be an affiliate for your fragrances?

Anybody can join the referral party! Simply go this way to get started: https://juce.co.za/pages/affiliate-programme

What are the benefits of joining your perfume affiliate program?

As a Juce affiliate, you can earn some cash on the side when you refer your friends, family and followers to us. Plus, our top contributors get access to special deal promotions. You can learn more here: https://juce.co.za/pages/affiliate-programme

How do I track my affiliate sales and earnings?

You can keep tabs on all your affiliate sales from your dashboard right here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/dashboard

What is the commission structure for perfume sales through the affiliate program?

To kick things off, you'll bag a cool 5% commission on every purchase made through your unique link. Once you've smashed a threshold of R2310.00 in sales via your referral, you level up to a 10% commission per sale.

Are there any requirements or qualifications to be part of the perfume affiliate program?

You just need to be over 18 and a valid citizen of South Africa to join us in this sweet-scented journey.

Can I promote your perfumes on social media platforms as an affiliate?

Absolutely, you can! Share away about our fragrances on your social media platforms and get people sniffing our way!

Are there any restrictions on advertising methods or platforms for perfume promotion?

We're pretty chill about how you spread the good scents around, just remember we’re all about respect, positivity and inclusivity. That means no hateful, disrespectful or offensive stuff, okay?

How are affiliate payments for perfume sales processed?

All payments are processed manually on the last business day of every month. Make sure your bank details are correct and updated here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/payment

What is the frequency and method of receiving affiliate payments?

All due payments are processed monthly, on the last business day of the month. Consistent like clockwork!

Can I track the performance of my perfume affiliate links and campaigns?

Of course! You can create multiple links based on your marketing methods and monitor their performance here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/dashboard

Do you provide promotional materials or assets for perfume affiliates?

Totally! We've got marketing materials like images and videos ready for you to use here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/marketing

Can I customize my affiliate links or use tracking codes for perfumes?

Yes, you can! You can tinker with your link and make it work for you here: https://affiliate.juce.co.za/juce-fragrances/dashboard

What happens to my commission if a sale is returned or refunded?

Rest assured that your hard-earned commission remains securely in your possession. We only occasionally waive the commission in exceptional circumstances where a cash refund is necessary.

Are there any rules or guidelines for disclosing affiliate partnerships when promoting perfumes?

It's always good to be transparent when promoting as part of an affiliate program. Just a little note in your promotion stating that you're part of our affiliate program should do.

Can I refer other affiliates to join the perfume affiliate program?

Absolutely, the more the merrier! Anyone who you think would be a good fit for sharing and promoting our fragrances, get them on board!

Any insider tips on marketing or promotional strategies for perfume affiliates?

Use engaging content like personal reviews, tutorials, or unboxing videos. Authentic personal experiences work best in connecting with your audience.

Can I use paid advertising or sponsored posts to promote your perfumes as an affiliate?

Yes, go for it! Paid advertising or sponsored posts can be a powerful way to reach a larger audience with your affiliate links.

What should I do if I'm having technical issues or questions about the affiliate software?

No issue is too big or small for our Live Chat support team! Just click on the "Let's Chat" button at the bottom left or hit us up at [email protected].

Are there any performance incentives or bonuses for top-performing perfume affiliates?

From time to time we do run incentivized campaigns, so keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities!

Are my rewards account and affiliate account linked?

Your rewards and affiliate accounts are two separate accounts, each with its own login details.

Do my affiliate account and rewards account have separate login details?

Yes, indeed! Your affiliate and rewards accounts have their own unique login details.