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Orders & Delivery

Placing orders and tracking deliveries.

Do you offer international shipping?

As much as we'd love to merge continents with our delectable scents, currently our delivery express only zips across South Africa. But keep an eye out, we're perpetually on our toes weaving new plans.

How can I keep an eye on my order?

Keeping track of your Juce package is as easy as a cosy chat. You can either use the waybill provided by our courier partners or visit https://juce.co.za/account#order and hit the "Track Order" for any selected orders. Alternatively, pop in for a

My order arrived damaged or incorrect. What next?

That's quite a bummer! We now turn on our nifty jump-to-the-rescue mode. Visit https://juce.co.za/pages/returns and get going with our automated return process so that we can set this right. We promise not to charge a penny for returns.

Do you have pick-up and drop-off points?

Yes, we do! While checking out your order, you'll have the option to pick the closest pick-up point based on your mentioned address. And if you're looking to make a return, we'll handpick the nearest drop-off point for you.

Where do you ship to?

Here's some good news—we deliver our fragrant delights to every nook and corner of South Africa. Do note that depending on locations, delivery times may vary.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed?

Order adjustments post-placement seem like a speed bump on our highway. It's best to wait until your arrival of order. Once recieved you can initiate a return process here: https://juce.co.za/pages/returns. While we can't refund you, we promise to

What should I do if my parcel hasn’t arrived?

Feel free to reach out to us through our friendly Live Chat. Just spot and click on the chat bubble at the bottom left corner.

What happens if I am not home when a delivery attempt is made?

We won't haunt an empty house, promise. If we miss you, we'll send you a missed delivery notification and schedule another delivery attempt. We're patient that way!

Can I arrange redelivery for a specific time?

While we can't quite nail down the clock for you yet, we promise to shower you with notifications for our next delivery attempt. Stay tuned!

How will I know when my parcel is ready for collection at the Pickup Point?

No guesswork needed! We'll send you an instant SMS and/or email notification as soon as your scent parcel is ready for pick-up.

How long does it take for my parcel to reach the Pickup Point?

Get ready to sniff your Juce in about three business days from the day Pargo picks it up. For those in outlying areas, add two more days to the wait.

When fetching my parcel, what should I carry?

Just bring your smiling self, your ID, and the unique Pargo Code you'd have received on your parcel-ready notification.

What is my Pargo code?

This is a unique and random security code that you receive by sms and/or email at the moment the parcel arrives at your preferred Pargo parcel point. You will need this code to collect the parcel. Without it, you will not be able to collect.

Help, I lost my Pargo Code!

Don't fret! You can find your Pargo Code in your parcel-ready notification. If you've lost it, call 021 447 3636, shoot an email to [email protected], or quickly ping us via Live Chat.

What do I do if my parcel isn't found at the nominated Pargo point?

Make sure you're at the correct Pargo point using the collection address on your SMS or email. If you're at the right place and still parcel-less, contact Pargo on 021 447 3636 or [email protected] Alternatively you can get in touch with us via

I updated my contact details for a Pargo delivery. What should I do now?

No sweat! Just send us a message on Live Chat (Bubble at the bottom left of any page on our website), and we'll get those new contact details sorted for you.

Can someone else collect my parcel for me?

Absolutely! The person picking up will just need to bring your ID (or a copy of it) and the unique Pargo Code.

How long will Pargo hold my parcel for collection?

Pargo will keep your parcel safely for 8 days from the moment you get your notification via sms/email. If you haven't picked it up within those 8 days, it'll be sent back to Juce.

Is there a way to change my Pargo parcel point?

Once your parcel is in the hands of Pargo, we unfortunately can't alter the collection point.

How much does delivery cost?

Our standard delivery fee is a cool R75.00. Good news, though—if you're a Juce member and your order exceeds R770.00, you get free delivery!

What are my delivery options?

We've got you covered with two options—Door-to-Door for convenient home delivery, and Pickup point for easy parcel collection. We offer five closest locations for pick-up points.

How long will my delivery take?

Standard delivery takes 3-5 business days, sometimes even earlier. However, if you're located in more distant areas, it might take a tad longer. Rest assured, our courier partner will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Not at all! You're free to shop Juce products without an account. But hang on, signing up unlocks saving options and rich rewards, so why not consider becoming part of the juicy Juce family?