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Rewards & Store Credit

Earn, redeem, and use store credit in our rewards program.

What is the value or conversion rate of store credit earned through the rewards program?

Your rewards with Juce are super fruity! You'll make 3% back in store credit on every purchase, and if you're feeling extra, spending more than R770 gets you 5% back in store credit instead. To join in on the fun, create and sign into an account with

Can I make partial payment with store credit?

Definitely! You can use your store credit to partially pay for your purchase. And if your store credit is overflowing, it can even cover your delivery fees. So, go ahead and make the most of your Juce store credit!

Can I combine store credit with other payment methods when buying perfumes?

Absolutely! At Juce, we're all about flexibility. Feel free to mix and match your store credit with any of the payment methods we provide, including Debit, Credit, Yoco, and even Payflex.

Are there any restrictions or exclusions on using store credit for certain perfume products?

Never! At Juce, we want you to enjoy a full shopping experience. Your hard-earned store credit can be used on all products we offer, even on our lovely Gift Cards. Isn't that just peachy?

How do I earn rewards (store credit)?

Multiple ways to squeeze the Juce outta this one! As soon as you sign up (create an account), you'll receive R20 credit off the bat. On purchases of R770 or less, you get 3% back in credit. If you splurge more than R770, we give 5% back in credit

How can I use my store credit?

It's simple - when you're checking out your bag (click the bag icon at the top right), there's a dropdown above "Continue to Checkout" where you can choose to apply your credit to the purchase. Remember, you must be signed in and have a positive

How do I check my store credit balance?

You can simply sign in to your account at https://juce.co.za/account to view your credit balance and history on your dashboard. Alternatively, if you're signed in, you can check your credit at the bottom right when you click the bag icon (top right).

Do my rewards expire?

Normally, your Juce store credit has an infinite lifetime and doesn’t expire. However, credit earned during specific promotions may have conditions that cause them to expire. We'll always let you know the terms clearly during promotions.

Can my store credit balance be used for delivery?

Absolutely! Your store credit can be applied towards delivery charges, and it's counted towards your whole order. So go ahead and squeeze every drop of value out of your store credit!

Is it possible to transfer or gift my store credit to someone else?

Trust us, we'd love to make that happen, but for security reasons we can't allow store credits to be transferred. But here's an idea, why not use it to buy a Gift Card for someone special? Just note that our gift cards kick off at a minimum value of

Can I convert my store credit into real money?

Ah, if only we could, but the store credit at Juce is a virtual currency - it doesn't hold any real-world cash value outside of our website. But hey, if you're keen to make some mint, do take a look at our affiliate program here: https://juce.co

What are some additional ways of earning store credit?

Apart from the standard method of earning credit through purchases, keep an eye out for our promotional events - they're a great way to pile up extra credit. Plus, for every product you review, we'll toss an extra R10 into your credit account! It's

What should I do if I can't see my store credit or if there's an issue with my rewards account?

If your store credit has gone off hiding or if there's an error with your rewards, hit up our live chat feature on the bottom left of our page and have a chinwag with our 24/7 support crew.

If I return or exchange a product, what happens to my store credit?

Not to worry! You will maintain the credit based on your original purchase. Do remember, store credit is only granted on the monetary value paid on purchases.

Can I earn store credit for referring friends or family to buy products from your online store?

Currently, we don't have a setup for earning store credit for referrals. But, why stop at store credit when you can cash in? Our affiliate program lets you earn actual money. Find out more here: https://juce.co.za/pages/affiliate-programme

What if I have questions or need help with my store credit rewards account?

Feel free to give our chat bubble on the bottom left corner of our website a click and raise any of your queries to our ever-ready 24/7 support agents.